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Learn About QR Code Marketing

QR stands for QUICK RESPONSE and that is what QR codes are all about. Allowing your customer to QUICKLY view information online that you want to push with your marketing campaign.



You own a restaurant and a web site for your restaurant.

You want to increase your sales over Labor Day weekend so you hire someone to design a newspaper ad to let everyone know that your restaurant will be giving a free dessert to the first 30 customers on Friday but they MUST produce a FREE DESSERT COUPON at the door.

Your designer includes a QR code which points to a special page in your own web site on which you have uploaded a coupon for your customers to print out and bring with them. (You can do this if your web site has a CMS or Content Management System that you control OR you can hire your web designer to do it for you.)


WHY would you use a QR code instead of or in addition to a web site link in your print ad?


#1 - Because it takes extra steps to go to a web site using a cell phone or other mobile device when the user must not only remember but type in the CORRECT web site address to go to. QR codes send them directly to where you want them to go.. NO MISTAKES and only one step. Open the app and let it do the work of scanning the code.

#2 - You look more tech savvy by using the new-to-the-US codes.

#3 - Using the special page you can precisely track how effective your marketing dollars are.


You can stop there or you can do a little more...


On the SAME special web page of your own web site you can do some more marketing and even some lead capture by adding a link to your MEMBERS ONLY registration form. Once they register you will now be able to send them more specials, new menu items, whatever you like. So, the next time you do a print ad you can also send out an email blast to those customers who have signed up already.

On the same page as well you can give your customers a pitch for anything else you want to draw attention to. Your web page has LOTS of space... Your print AD does not!


Where to USE QR Codes?


  • You can print QR codes on anything printable and preferrably flat. This includes paper, stickers, business cards, products like magnets, cups, etc.


Where NOT to use QR Codes?


  • Anywhere that does NOT have cell phone service or poor cell phone service.
  • Anything LARGE like billboards.
  • Anything moving really fast or where people will move really fast past the code like the sides of busses and billboards.




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