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Use What You Know When Promoting Your Business

Something caught my attention this morning while checking out the news online. Police officers are going to pass out FREE bags of DORITOS with a pamphlet on the back explaining the legal limit of legal use to the people in attendance at HEMPFEST.

Now, for those of you who do not know this using marijuana often gives the user increased appetite best known as "The Munchies"  This is the best marketing ploy I have heard in a while. It made me start thinking about what our local business folks could do that would not only be welcomed by the public but also burn their business name into memory.


Then, I thought about the time I attended the Laurel Festival parade in Brookville, PA. It was long ago but I've remembered it every time I attended the parade since then. In the midst of the parade Charlie Chan (sp), once owner of an American Chinese Restaurant in Brookville, suddenly got into the spirit of the festivities and drug an entire case full of fortune cookies out to the happenings. Then proceeded to go up and down main street and throw fortune cookies into the crowd. Its was so comical and charming.


What's the point of my story? I, the consumer, REMEMBER what the business owner did and will opt to eat at one of Charlies restaurants if given the choice. I remember his name and his kindness and how special he made the event for the children. With little more than a good dose of community spirit and a case of fortune cookies he implanted his business into my head for years and years.


Sometimes the consumer doesn't care if you have the cheapest product or the best. Sometimes consumers deal with you because of who you are and what you do. Even in the digital world this is true which is why properly using Social Media Marketing is so effective.


Whether you choose to do something locally or online you can make a lasting impression with a little effort.


Here is a free marketing idea for local businesses:

We have several parades over the summer and fall months. Most of which simply take a little bit of paperwork in order to participate for free.


With as little as it costs for a couple of cases of water (With your business label) or some candy and some decorations you can get involved in your community and leave a great impression on the people you want to sell to.


A little FACE PAINTING table goes a long way too! FYI.


Its good for you and its good for the parades. Every year it seems they are getting smaller and smaller. Its a captive audience of at least a couple hundred people to market your business to! Its a no brainer.


Yes, we are all super busy with our businesses but if you don't take the time to or at least hire someone to do your marketing the future of your business probably won't be very bright.


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