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Branding Your Business

You have definitely heard of branding and you have even collected a library of brands within your memory. If I mention "Wendy's" most people would think about their logo with Wendy with her red braids and freckles. What about Chevy? What comes to mind? How about Milk? The last one was a trick question. Depending on where you live and what company produces the milk in your area AND what milk you prefer for one reason or another everyone has a PREFERENCE.



How do people develop their preference in products and services? The companies develop their BRANDS to attract customers and KEEP their business and products in the customers mind when they think about BUYING.


Here are some tools to help you evaluate your business, products and services and develop your own BRAND. Once you have a recognizable brand customers will think of you FIRST and your competitor second. That is what you want.


#1 - Answer this question: How do your customers perceive your business and products?

How do you do this?

Monitor potential customers activity online using social media. Take a trip around town and listen to what people are talking about. Survey or question customers and ask them why they chose you above your competition. Get involved.


#2 - Answer these questions:

How does your business rank among your competitors?

Are you loosing business to them? Why is that? Why do you think customers are going to them first instead of you?


#3 - Evaluate your current brand if you have established one.

Ask yourself:

Does my marketing materials online and offline represent my business the way it should be represented?

What makes my business "special" or "different" than my competition and how can I market those attributes better.


Its all about research and evaluation. If you can step back and look at your business from the outside you will see it in a different light. Examine your business from the customer, internal and market perspective and change your marketing accordingly.






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