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Why Be "Social" If You Are Not Going To "Interact"

I know most of you have heard that social media marketing is the end all to getting more traffic for your web site and ultimately more sales for your business. This is true only if you use it the way it was designed to be used.


Several clients have reservations about going social because they think:


  It takes time to monitor.

  It is a security risk.

  Their social media accounts are security risks.

  "What if someone posts a negative comment?"


Here it is folks. Social Media Marketing can take some time each day. That is true. If you don't think you have the time you may need to deligate social interaction to your marketing person or secretary. If you don't have anyone else then 10 minutes over coffee in the morning will do. If you don't have time for that either then you should probably sell your business because you are headed for an early grave due to stress.


Bear in mind the name "SOCIAL"  One of the reasons it is so effective is because of the PEOPLE who use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.. They create a DIALOG... SHARE INFORMATION WITH A COMMUNITY...


Social media should NOT be thought of as a venue to simply post stuff all about your business and that information is to be one-sided. You post. They Read. NOT SO! Customers really don't want to read what YOU have to say about your business. They want to read what OTHER PEOPLE have to say about your business.


You WANT a dialog between your business and your customers and you want it to be on PUBLIC DISPLAY.


If you provide your customers and clients with the best service and products you can the "fear" of a bad review should be minimal.


That being said no one is perfect and not all employees are perfect all the time either. So, if you get a bad review or bad comment ADDRESS IT. SOLVE IT. GIVE GOOD PR!


Customers pay more attention to how you solve issues than they do a thousand possitive comments. It's human nature. Can't look away from a train wreck.


If they SEE you take care of your customers and work hard to solve their issues with your products / services they will REMEMBER YOU and chances are PICK YOU over your competition.


There will always be trolls, flamers and haters, etc... but social people can see who is picking and who has an actual problem.


NOT having an open dialog with your customers and clients using the most popular form of international communication right now "Social Media" is far worse than a possible bad review.




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