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There is NO Magic Pill! Monitor Your Online Reputation.

For those of us who rely on medication to control blood pressure, insulin levels, even mood we know if we do not take our "pills" every day our bodies pay for our lack of responsibility.


Too often I get clients who have become desperate for increased sales who have not done anything to improve their marketing in years. It's like they are asking for some magic "pill" to instantly make their business profitable by way of online marketing. Sometimes I get business owners who have unfortunately gained scathing reviews and want me to "get rid of them online". This is the worst scenario. Quite a few review sites and sites which offer reviews will NOT take down legitimate reviews left for your company no matter what I do. Then, the online reputation of your company is permanently damaged.. set in stone.. online forever...


Monitoring your online reputation and making the effort to do monthly marketing can not only boost your business exponentially over time but it will head off review disasters NOW.


Waiting till the next holiday or season to post a photo of your Christmas tree does nothing. You have to be smart and creative about your online advertising and marketing. YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS and CLIENTS ARE LOOKING AT YOUR REVIEWS! More than ever the public is paying attention to your online reviews.


DON'T get friends to post a bunch of reviews unless they have actually used your services or bought your products. WE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE between a "real" review and a coerced review.


DON'T get into a "shouting match" with reviewers who have left you a bad review. There is a constructive way of dealing with these reviews and most often can be turned around to make you look even BETTER.


DON'T think because you personally did not set up accounts for Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.. that you can't get reviewed. Most often if you have a physical location for your business you already have pages on these sites.


If you want to know what you should DO please contact me for a consultation and marketing plan.




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