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So... You STILL Don't Have A Web Site... Or Do You?

Andre and I stopped in to a  diner tonight for a bite to eat. (Really great food and friendly service by the way.)


While we were waiting for our dinner we did our usual chit chat about the placemat businesses. Some we knew. Some we didn't and all but ONE did not have a web site address listed.



To give these businesses the benefit of the doubt we could have made the effort to try and search the businesses who didn't have a url listed on their ad but we didn't really want to bother. Most ad viewers will not bother to try and look you up if your web site is not listed. This is especially true if you have a common name which they can get confused with another business in their search engine results.


If you HAVE a web site you need to list the web site address on:

ALL your print marketing including newspaper ads, letterhead, business cards, etc.. Anything printed.

ALL your media ads including radio and TV.

ALL your business vehicles. They are moving billboards. You put your business name on there so put your web site address on there.

Your web site works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including holidays.

Businesses who have a web site but do not include it in their offline advertising are missing a huge opportunity to sell during off hours and that is just one reason.


Question: "My business doesn't have a web site and I don't know if I need one"

Answer: You DO need one. Why? = One reason is because if it hasn't happened already... your competitor will have one and take your business away. It might not happen all at once but it will happen. Give me a call if you want me to go on and on about why you need a web site.

People want what they want WHEN they want it. We are all working harder and longer and that leaves us less and less time to "shop around". If your business, services and / or products are made easily accessible at all hours of the day then you have a much better chance of gaining new customers and satisfying existing customers even more.

You may have the best service, sales or products out there or maybe it's your price point that's the big selling factor but don't expect customers to drive for miles to your store just to see what you have and how much it is. Have you checked fuel prices lately? I know I am making far less trips to "town" because I don't want to make more trips to the gas pumps. I might like to try new stores or eat at new places but I am not going to drive a long way to find out if I like what you have to offer.

I WILL look at your web site and see if I like what I see / read. If that is interesting then maybe your business is worth the drive.

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