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Get Personal With Pinterest

I have a client who has recently added Pinterest to her online marketing portfolio. This is a vacation rental business so she has started her board by "re-pinning" several camping related boards and pins like how to start a fire safely and quick camping recipes.. which is great. However,

I can't examine something without giving some suggestions or ideas that I think might help my clients market their business better. So, since I know the main draw for her vacation rental is it being "pet friendly" and I know my client has pets of her own I suggested the following:


Don't just re-pin. Use what you know and have personally experienced. Since it is a vacation rental guests may not know much about the area. Without overly promoting other businesses in the area (unless you have an agreement with them to cross-promote) I told her to take one of her dogs around and see how some of the local businesses treat their guests who have pets with them. Take photos of her pet enjoying the pet friendly benefits and PIN it. Take photos of pets enjoying HER businesses pet friendly features too like the pond, woods, yard, dog bed, treats you left for your guests pet(s), etc...


If you have pets you know what I mean. Some restaurants will give your dog a little ice cream cone or dog treat or some free water in a bowl, etc.. Some go the extra mile and provide a shaded grassy area where you can tie your dog or allow them to relieve themselves without prosecution.


My suggestion to every business owner who wants to use Pinterest to do some online marketing:


Pinterest is all about the VISUAL so take great and creative photos but dont forget to write about the photo too!


Try and see your business from a consumer perspective and examine your business. Then, ask yourself "What makes my business special" and "What might customers want to know more about - VISUALLY"


Think outside the box and market in a unique way. Don't just take a photo of your building and say "This is my store" Don't write about the architecture either unless you built it yourself and you are promoting you are a builder of buildings like yours. Keep the focus on YOUR PRODUCTS / SERVICES at all times.


If you sell something take a photo of that product in USE. Example: Product = Peanutbutter. Take a photo of peanutbutter on unusual foods that taste good and look appealing. Personally I love peanutbutter on apple slices. Surprisingly, a lot of people have never tried it that way.

Then, along with the great photo maybe add a RECIPE or instructions. Something for people to LEARN about.


Need some ideas? Contact me... The Idea Girl and I will be more than happy to make some suggestions.

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