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Need more customers from your web site?

There are many ways to improve traffic to your web site. The most popular right now is Social Networking and Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, MySPace, YouTube and more.




Social networking has become recognized as a "standard" inclusion in web site design instead of an "optional" one.


If your web site is not linked to your social accounts or you don't have social accounts you should rethink your online marketing approach and technique.




If you add the information your customers / clients WANT to your web site the traffic will follow. Stay focused on your business and make sure you give your web site viewers all the information they need to make the decision to buy from or hire you. Having an about page is ok but try not to make it an autobiography.


Reevaluate your web site content if you find your customers are asking the same question over and over again and the answer is NOT on your web site.


When a customer calls your storefront and asks a question or they need something mailed to them can you direct them to your web site instead? If not you should add that information to your site soon to not only save on postage, printing and manpower but also to improve customer relations by giving your customers what they want WHEN they want it not two days from now.




Connecting from your web site to your physical storefront will bring in more customers. For instance if you post a sale or coupon on your web site or Social account ask your customer to either bring in a code or coupon or offer them the choice of showing the coupon or code using their mobile device.


This works in reverse too. Ask yourself - "If I were a customer would I know I have a web site simply from visiting my store?" If the answer is "no" then try doing something about it.

Instruct employees to mention the web site. Put up signs, flyers and add the site address to ALL marketing materials like letterhead, envelopes, newspaper ads, tv ads, etc.. Anywhere your LOGO is there too should be your web site address.



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