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Using Email for Marketing

You don't need to be a computer guru to use email effectively for marketing your business and website.


Simply setting out a sign-up sheet at your checkout counter or add a sign-up form to your website can gain targeted leads for future sales. Depending on what POS system you use often there is a place in the checkout process for the counter attendant to add an email address for the customer. Train your employees to gather that information and for heaven's sake give them a script to entice customers to give them that info. You can easily gather a few hundred email addresses.


Additionally, USE QR codes and save the hassle! Customers can scan the code and sign up for themselves. SEE OTHER MARKETING on this website.


When a customer signs up to be notified of your specials, news, newsletter, new products, events, activities, etc. you are permitted to market to them. Never send email to someone who has not asked you for it. It can result in fines or loss of your internet service.


Why e-market?

  • Postage is getting more and more expensive.
  • Newspaper ads may or may not be seen by the people you are trying to market to. Same with radio and TV. They are ALL super expensive and getting more expensive.
  • Email doesn't cost you a dime except for the Internet service you already pay for.
  • E-marketing takes minimal preparation time.
    • If you think of a new sale to have on Friday and its Monday you can tell your customers about it in an instant not in 2 weeks as with most other forms of advertising.
  • e-marketing is a TARGETED way to advertise.
    • Customers have already seen or used your services or products and are willing to come back or at the very least look at what you have to offer in the future. NO other type of marketing can boast that for the cost.


What do I email my customers?


First, make sure you have a mass mail program in place. Outlook can do this by simply adding customers into your address book and BCC everyone.


Your website may already have a mass mail feature. Ask your provider.


Here are some ideas for e-marketing:

  • Sales - Announce your sales and seasonal sales.
  • New Products - Getting new merchandise? How will your customers know without you telling them or they happen to come into the store? How often do you hear customers say "I didn't know you had that"
  • New Look or Remodeling - Did you spend thousands of dollars putting in a coffee bar, or new section in your store? Announce it!
  • Coupons - Different than sales, coupons offer and interactive way to get people back into your store. They are easy to create in word then email them to your client base or post the coupon on your website. It doesn't even need to be that complicated. Email a SECRET WORD as a coupon. The customer comes in and says the word and they get the discount. It's fun too.
  • Did your business get an award? - Tell everyone.
  • Special Events - Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Etc.. Most businesses try to keep up with the holiday shoppers... TELL them what you are doing, when, where, how much. Hosting special events like photos with the Easter Bunny can dramatically increase sales on seasonal items!
  • Newsletters - A newsletter should be limited to what is important and what is going on with your business. Try not to add anything like your church bulletin, or other activity you are involved in. I know this might be tempting but you are not emailing a friend, you are marketing to a customer.


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