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Choosing a Domain Name

When choosing a domain name try to keep as close to your business name, your name or what your business produces or supplies as possible.


Your website name should be the same as your domain name or as close to it as possible.

Special Characters: &, ', -, _


If you owned a business called "Mike's Plumbing & Heating"


You could NOT have a domain name with spaces or the "&" or even the " ' "


You COULD have a domain name like this if available:





I wouldn't recommend using the " _ " after each word as it would become difficult for people to remember and believe it or not a lot of people don't even know where that key is on the keyboard!


Your domain name should also match your website name. Most websites have the website name at the top of each page. This is important because you want visitors to feel they are on the same site no matter what page they view.


Which one do I get? .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc..


Many clients ask which one is better. I usually try to get a .com first because that is what people will generally type when they enter a website address into their browser.


If you choose a domain name which is unavailable because another business owns it you may consider obtaining the .net, .biz or the like. However, remember that most people will enter the .com after your domain name which could lead them to your COMPETITION.


Sacrificing your first choice in domain names without extending it to something that doesn't make sense to acquire a .com may be the better choice.


For example: If you wanted to get the domain name regisbikes.com and it was unavailable you may consider trying myregisbikes.com or theregisbikes.com or yourregisbikes.com instead. if you chose to buy regisbikes.net clients may by habit enter in the .com and view your competitors site instead.


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