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Payment of your hosting or other charges and any subsequent billing acknowledges your acceptance of these terms. These terms are subject to change without prior notice. While we attempt to electronically deliver notice of changes or updates to these policies, it is your responsibility to periodically check this page for any updates or changes.


Web Hosting is a PRE-PAID service.

Electronic invoices for web hosting are issued at least 30 days prior to expiration of service.

Electronic invoices for design, web site maintenance and other non-hosting services are issued upon completion of the work or service.

All Invoices are monitored for pick up (viewing). However, when you receive an invoice from us please acknowledge receipt of invoices as a courtesy so we can make sure you continue to receive proper service.

Paper invoices sent via U.S. Postal Mail will be sent only upon request, and only if that request is made in response to an electronic invoice notice, from the billing email address on your account. There is a $2.25 service charge for paper invoicing which will be added to your current invoice.

Hosting payments are expected to be received by the date of expiration of service. Payment for non-hosting related services are due within 14 days of invoice date.

Payments made by check or money order are not credited to your account until cleared.

IMPORTANT! Check or Money Order payments can take 2 to 10 days to be delivered, processed and credited to your account. Please mail your check a minimum of 10 days prior to due date in order to avoid late charges.

Payments made by PayPal or credit card are applied to your account within 24 hours. All invoices include a payment button you can use to remit payment using a credit card to help avoid service interruption and / or late fees.

Service interruption will begin the date of expiration.

Non-hosting invoice payments not received by due date will have a 5% late charge if 1 - 9 days late, with a minimum charge of $2.95 and a 10% late fee will be applied on and after the 10th day. If payment becomes 30 or more days overdue legal action will be taken and client will be responsible for any and all legal fees. In addition, all work completed will either be removed from the site or if the work is extensive the site will be taken down on the 30th day of being late and will remain offline until all billing and fees are paid in full.

A $25.00 fee will be charged to reconnect suspended hosting services. Full payment of past due balance and reconnect fee are due before site is reconnected. Full payment of past due maintenance account is required to restore updated pages.

Lowe's Digital Publishing is not responsible for email, websites or files contained in websites that have been terminated.

Terminated websites that wish to be reinstated must request new hosting services. New hosting services for previously terminated websites are at the discretion of Lowe's Digital Publishing. Lowe's Digital Publishing reserves the right to refuse new service.

Lowe's Digital Publishing reserves the right to refuse web host transfer assistance if unpaid past due balance exceeds 30 days.

Lowe's Digital Publishing reserves the right to discontinue all services without notice to any account that has had three or more late payments during the course of service or accounts that are more than 30 days past due.

Choice of Law: Any disputes regarding these terms of service will be litigated in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. These terms shall be construed under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.



Cancellation request must be received in writing, from your billing email on record, by fax, or via postal mail. Fax and postal mail requests require you include a photocopy proof of identity (i.e. drivers license).

All access accounts, databases, files and email accounts on our web servers and DNS service will be terminated within 24 hours of your cancellation request. Your request relieves Lowe's Digital Publishing of any obligation and responsibility for your website contents. We will assume no liability for files deleted or removed after your cancellation of service.

You are strongly urged to remove or back up your website files and databases prior to canceling your services.

Setup fees, non-hosting and yearly paid hosting fees, domain registration and domain renewal fees are non-refundable.


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