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Lowe's Digital Publishing is my official business name. Lowe's - My last name and "Digital Publishing" which is what I do. It's just another term to describe website design, illustration, animation, installation, etc.  Comparing a website to a book I "publish" it to the Internet.


Why is your website address The Idea Girl?:


Not only do I like the name "The Idea Girl" but I also am called that from time-to-time due to the suggestions I give my clients, family and friends. I am a solution oriented person who loves a challenge. Figuring things out and making them better is what I love and am good at.


Where I am located?:


I have several buildings on my property. One is a residence and one I use as my office. I do not normally have clients come to my office since most of the correspondence necessary to obtain and maintain a website can and should be via email, fax or phone. There are always exceptions if a client is more comfortable with meeting face to face. Most often I arrange a lunch meeting.


What areas do I service?:


THE WORLD! Being a web designer I can work anywhere for anyone. There is absolutely no need for me to meet my clients or employers in person. I know some of my clients are more comfortable meeting me in person and that is all well and good but it really is only to make the client "feel better" and has no practical use. Actually, most of the initial meetings I have given takes me up to an hour to drive one way to meet for 10 minutes. Therefore I tend not to set up on-site meetings unless it is to do an instructional or marketing seminar for staff and owners. So many tools are available and being developed every day. When used to their full potential they can assure safe, easy and fast communication of materials and ideas why waste the gas or driving time?


Where Do I Come From?


I was born in Brookville and have lived in Jefferson county, PA all my life. My extended family lives primarily in the Sigel / Forest area.  

Pennsylvania is a great place to live but the job market isn't great. Fortunately, my full time job allows me to live where I want and still make enough to live on.




I have been a web designer / programmer since 2000. This is my only job and it suits me. I attended college for 4.5 years for art so that helps with the design portion of my job. My clients live in all parts of  the world from California to Australia.


Local clients:




My services include:


#1 Preparing a customized website for individual businesses. I do not use pre-designed templates. All my designs are original.

Sites may include:

Flash animation (Moving parts)

HTML, PHP, JavaScript, other scripts, xml, etc.. If I don’t know it or don’t have a script already I will find a solution for whatever the client needs.


#2 Custom logos & other graphics such as ads. Print quality for letterhead & business cards as well as online use.


#3 Custom animations. Frame by frame animated gif's or flash


#4 Database driven backends for use with products, customer data collecting, username and password access to site areas, client may edit their own site using the administration console on these sites, etc.

The sites may include: Blogs, polls, comments or guestbooks, custom site calendars, galleries, rotating newslfash, forums, blogs, the list goes on....


#5 Social Media Marketing including Facebook custom apps, twitter, youtube, pinterest, Google plus and more.

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