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  • 4 Not So Easy Steps to Online Marketing
    You may think because you hired someone to build your website he/she knows everything about your business. Not so. Your business changes all the time. Clients will call me and ask me questions about technical issues with a site or most often with their email and I try to do my best to "fix" issues and help with "how to" instructions but most of my clients are MISSING the BIGGER PICTURE. Just because you have a website built whether you hire someone to do it or use one of the many DIY companies (Who provide free and low cost websites…
  • There is NO Magic Pill! Monitor Your Online Reputation.
    For those of us who rely on medication to control blood pressure, insulin levels, even mood we know if we do not take our "pills" every day our bodies pay for our lack of responsibility.   Too often I get clients who have become desperate for increased sales who have not done anything to improve their marketing in years. It's like they are asking for some magic "pill" to instantly make their business profitable by way of online marketing. Sometimes I get business owners who have unfortunately gained scathing reviews and want me to "get rid of them online". This…
  • Understanding your Social Media Account
    As every business owner knows or should know all Facebook pages for your business start with a Facebook account. The account must be for a "real" person. Business pages separate themselves from your account because not only will you use Facebook for personal connections but also for your business. Posting birthday party photos on your "timeline" or "home - page" on Facebook is perfectly fine because your "page" is kept separate. However, I have had a lot of clients ask about all the links on their "account" and which ones pertain to their "account" or to their "page". One recent…
  • So... You STILL Don't Have A Web Site... Or Do You?
    Andre and I stopped in to a  diner tonight for a bite to eat. (Really great food and friendly service by the way.)   While we were waiting for our dinner we did our usual chit chat about the placemat businesses. Some we knew. Some we didn't and all but ONE did not have a web site address listed.  
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  • Updating Your Website
    Updating doesn't always mean simply adding content to your site or updating the information contained therein. Whether your site runs on a CMS (Content Management System) like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc.. or it was programmed from the ground up it will need updates from time to time.   Just as you (or you should be) update your antivirus so you don't get infected so too does your site need to be updated with the latest and most stable and secure versions of the software and scripts that may run your site.   Most web design companies charge a substantial…
  • Use What You Know When Promoting Your Business
    Something caught my attention this morning while checking out the news online. Police officers are going to pass out FREE bags of DORITOS with a pamphlet on the back explaining the legal limit of legal use to the people in attendance at HEMPFEST.
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